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From small beginnings with their flagship property the Casino Hotel in Kochi, CGH Earth has evolved into a fine collection of hotels peppered across southern India. The brand is widely known for its respect for nature and local cultures which are woven into its singular travel experiences. The hotels offer a whole gamut of immersive experiences around nature, community and culture. Every CGH Earth experience rests on certain cardinal principles that are the foundation of the brand’s core values: caring for the environment, working with local communities, and being one with the local ethos. These elements are entwined in the hotels and its experiences through its architecture, location, people, services and activities.

Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom

The Coconut Lagoon Kumarakom truly celebrates the Kerala backwater life – a labyrinth of water channels amid a lush coconut grove interspersed with traditional Keralan homes, and the intimate association with the local land and community. Located in a sheltered cove in the backwaters of.... Read More

Spice Village Thekkady

Nestled high in the picturesque Cardamom Hills of Thekkady, Spice Village is a natural wonderland and a haven for the responsible traveler. The Periyar region of Kerala is famous for its spices, the undulating hills, and crisp mountain air.  The optimum temperatures found here are.... Read More

Brunton Boatyard Fort Kochi

One of the most iconic hotels in Fort Kochi sits majestically on the water’s edge and offers vintage luxury in the most charming setting. Originally built as a boat building facility by George Brunton over 100 years ago, the hotel’s period building still maintains the.... Read More

Eighth Bastion Fort Kochi

When the Portuguese built Fort Immanuel in the early 16th century in Fort Kochi, it featured seven bastions. Later the fort was taken over by the Dutch settlers and although reduced in size they fortified it. In present-day Fort Kochi, CGH Earth has added an.... Read More

Chittoor Kottaram Ernakulam

Stay at the royal residence of the erstwhile ruling family of Cochin, Chitoor Kottaram is a 300-year-old, tastefully restored three-bedroom abode on the banks of the idyllic backwaters. This deliciously private, single-key mansion is surrounded by serenity and represents the epitome of Kerala’s traditional architecture.... Read More

Marari Beach Mararikulam

The Marari Beach Resort is inspired by the Mararikulam fishermen and their gentle way of life. The resort draws heavily from the coastal culture of the region – the thatched roofed cottages, the coastal cuisine, and the overall simplicity of the land. The almost private.... Read More

Wayanad Wild

Wayanad, a district set in the northeast of Kerala conjures images of the evergreen forests of the southern Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 meters. Nestled in 12 acres of pristine, untamed, and enchanting rainforests of Ladikki, Wayanad Wild offers immersive experiences.... Read More

Spice Coast Cruises Vembanad

Spice Coast Cruises offers glimpses of the backwater life in houseboats called ‘kettuvallam’. The kettuvallams were originally traditional rice barges that would also transport spices along the waterways many centuries ago. Today, these houseboats are floating hotels that seamlessly integrate luxurious comforts and are powered.... Read More

Palais de Mahe

Located in the heart of the French quarter of Pondicherry and a stone’s throw away from the famed promenade overlooking the Bay of Bengal is the graceful Palais de Mahe. The elegant colonial retreat reflects the city’s character shaped by both Tamil and French history.... Read More

Maison Perumal

Located in the Tamil quarter of Pondicherry, Maison Perumal is a 130-year-old mansion that dates back to the French colonial times. The architectural character is deeply rooted in Tamil culture with a hint of French colonial influences. With only 10 rooms and the warm hospitality.... Read More


The culturally-centered Visalam is one of CGH Earth’s landmark heritage properties that truly personifies Chettinad living and culture. The Chettinad region is the home of the Nattukottai Chettiars, a prosperous banking and business community.  Chettinad homes are known to be an endearing symbol of this.... Read More

Mantra Koodam

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Veppathur village in Kumbakonam, the Mantra Koodam blends historical, cultural and spiritual experiences, to take you on a journey through time themed around the Tamil Panniyar and Brahmin way of life. Surrounded by lush countryside, and brimming with.... Read More

Tilar Siro

The Tilar Siro is a small luxury resort located 1400 kilometers from mainland India within the Andaman Islands on the Vijay Nagar beach in Havelock. The name is derived from the indigenous Great Andamanese tribe who referred to the island as ‘Thi-Lar-Siro’ meaning ‘the land.... Read More

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