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Inspirations is an annual event hosted by Window To Luxury that brings together unique boutique properties from the Indian subcontinent and the travel trade in the UK and Europe to build connections, showcase products, collaborate, and inspire change. This unrivalled event provides a vital platform for smaller, distinctive boutique hotels and retreats to be showcased to a focussed clientele in these markets.

The format of the day-long event is a series of speed networking sessions interspersed with a curated set of discussions and talks by influencers and leading voices from the industry. The event facilitates meetings between senior representatives from the properties and key buyers and representatives from the travel trade. Apart from establishing indispensable partnerships, these informative interactions help build awareness about under-the-radar hidden gems, latest itineraries, new destinations, travel trends, and inspire discussions on ways to boost future business and growth.

Inspirations 2023

Window To Luxury will proudly host Inspirations 2023, the fourth edition of the event, after a 3-year hiatus in response to the global pandemic. The event will be held in London (22nd June),  Munich (27th June), and Paris (28th June).

The upcoming event is curated to connect niche travel trade selling India in UK and Europe and the tourism and hospitality community from the Indian subcontinent. A wonderful opportunity to reconnect, network, and do business. Watch this space for more information on event schedules and other details.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Key stakeholders in tourism and hospitality from the Indian subcontinent
    A wonderful platform for boutique hotels, luxury forest lodges & camps, heritage hotels, standalone unique properties, and wellness retreats to participate, gain exposure and increase their client base. An opportunity to showcase exclusive product offerings like eco and sustainable concepts, experiential tourism, and responsible tourism.

    Why attend?

    • Showcase your products and offerings
    • Network and establish long-term partnerships with the regional travel trade
    • Access new buyers who may be interested in your product
    • Brand awareness and visibility among the biggest names in the UK and Europe travel trade
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  • Travel buyers from UK and Europe who are interested in India
    Senior travel industry professionals including tour operators and travel agents looking for suppliers and new destinations in the Indian subcontinent.

    Why attend?

    • Meet key suppliers from the Indian subcontinent under one roof
    • Expand your network and nurture existing relationships with leading suppliers in the region
    • Engage in business conversations potentially leading to negotiation of contracts
    • Keep up to date with the travel trends and updates in the Indian subcontinent.
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