Maison Perumal

Located in the Tamil quarter of Pondicherry, Maison Perumal is a 130-year-old mansion that dates back to the French colonial times. The architectural character is deeply rooted in Tamil culture with a hint of French colonial influences. With only 10 rooms and the warm hospitality of the staff, the hotel promises an intimate atmosphere and creates an ambiance of being a personal guest in a large home, rather than a hotel guest.

The boutique hotel has rooms of varying sizes and interiors and feature period teak furniture. Most meals are served in the courtyard dining area which has a small gallery space with a selection of canvases from local artists on one side and opens to the courtyard on the other. The delightful little bar is a perfect to wind-down after a day of sightseeing. While in Pondicherry, excursions are usually by foot or a bicycle. The hotel can organise these as well as rickshaw rides to ride through the by-lanes of this historic town.


Maison Perumal is located in the Tamil Quarter (or the erstwhile Black Quarter) that sits West of the French quarter of Pondicherry. Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry is located on the southeast coast of India with the Bay of Bengal to the east and surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu.

Things to know

  • The nearest airport is Chennai (2.5 hours drive), however, there is a small airport in Pondicherry with limited connectivity about 5km away. The Pondicherry railway line is one of the oldest rail links in India, it is located about 2 km from the hotel.
  • Within the Tamil quarter, the places worth exploring are the numerous ancient temples like the Easwaran Koil, the Bharathiar Museum which is an ancient house belonging to the celebrated poet Subramaniam Bharathi as well as the numerous vintage houses bearing unique architectural features.
  • Explore the Sunday Market at Mahatma Gandhi road, Chinnakadai for a flurry of colors and a wide range of products, from home goods and clothing to books and knick-knacks.
  • If you have enough days in Pondicherry, keep a day to explore Auroville, an experimental township founded in 1968 by Mirra who gave a concrete form to Sri Aurobindo’s vision and was designed by architect French architect Roger Anger.

Rooms & Suites

An open central courtyard binds the three floors that house the rooms. The courtyard is embellished with stained-glass balconies that add a pop of colour to the interplay of the white plaster and teak.  The boutique hotel has air-conditioned rooms of varying sizes and interiors and features period teak furniture and red-oxide and terracotta flooring.

Restaurants & Bars

The Terrace Dining serves fine Franco-Tamil cuisine. Guests can choose options of a set-menu and a la carte; the hotel has no freezer which guarantees that the meals are fresh, locally sourced with use of seasonal produce. The delightful little bar is a perfect place to wind down after a day of sightseeing.

Spa & Wellness

There is no spa or fitness center in the hotel


Pondicherry’s White Town is best explored at your own pace while on foot, on a bicycle, or on a cycle rickshaw. Skirting the seaside promenade, Goubert Avenue is dotted with charming reminders of French rule: a 19th-century lighthouse, the statue of Dupleix, the spectacular Notre Dame de Agnes church, and several other heritage edifices. Amble through the streets divided into well-manicured layouts and discover heritage villas, quaint cafes, and old statues.

The streets are lined with heritage buildings, art galleries, and antique shops, stocked with locally handcrafted treasures. Explore this rich history in a cycle rickshaw or heritage walks or cycling tours from Maison Perumal or its sister hotel Palais de Mahe located in the French Quarter taking the time to stop and discover hidden treasures.

In the evening accompany the chef to the local market and join him for a master class in Tamil gastronomy and cooking demonstrations.

Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

CGH aptly translates to ‘clean, green and healthy’ and every CGH Earth experience rests on certain cardinal principles that are the foundation of the brand’s core values: caring for the environment, working with local communities, and being one with the local ethos.