Maison Perumal

Located in the Tamil quarter of Pondicherry, Maison Perumal is a 130-year-old mansion that dates back to the French colonial times. The architectural character is deeply rooted in Tamil culture with a hint of French colonial influences. With only 10 rooms and the warm hospitality of the staff, the hotel promises an intimate atmosphere and creates an ambiance of being a personal guest in a large home, rather than a hotel guest. The boutique hotel has rooms of varying sizes and interiors and feature period teak furniture. Most meals are served in the courtyard dining area which has a small gallery space with a selection of canvases from local artists on one side and opens to the courtyard on the other. The delightful little bar is a perfect to wind-down after a day of sightseeing. While in Pondicherry, excursions are usually by foot or a bicycle. The hotel can organise these as well as rickshaw rides to ride through the by-lanes of this historic town.