Reni Pani

Located just across the Satpura National Park, the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, is the conservation and wildlife focussed Reni Pani Jungle Lodge. What makes Reni Pani exciting is the rich experiences led by a top-notch team of naturalists, including walking safaris and camping in the buffer zone, a rarity in most Indian national parks. The exclusive wilderness experiences include: the ‘Satpura Under Canvas’, a unique mobile camping and walking expedition through the Satpura forests with highly knowledgeable team of naturalists. Exploring Satpura on horseback safaris (a first in Madhya Pradesh), boat safaris and guided birdwatching tours complete the Indian wildlife experience.

A mix of luxury cottages and tents dot the pristine woodland. The cottages are built with indigenous materials allowing for plenty of nature interactions. The restaurant, bar and lounge are all seamlessly housed in the Gol Ghar with a central fireplace and options for al-fresco dining. The cuisine is predominantly Indian with a small option of International dishes.