Jehan Numa Group of Hotels

About Us

The Jehan Numa Group of Hotels are managed by the descendants of the matrilineal royals of Bhopal who wanted to share their legacy with the world and decided to enter into the hospitality space. The owners leave no stone unturned to delight travellers seeking authentic experiences and are continuously innovating which sets them apart from large-format hotels. The flagship property, the Jehan Numa Palace, a luxurious palace hotel showcases the fine tradition of Bhopal hospitality. Last few years have seen new additions, the Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, Jehan Numa Retreat and the latest addition, the Bori Safari Lodge. These are nature and eco-wildlife centric leisure boutique hotels that form part of the Jehan Numa Wilderness.

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge

Located just across the Satpura National Park, the largest tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh, is the conservation and wildlife focussed Reni Pani Jungle Lodge. At Reni Pani expect the ubiquitous terrain of Satpura Tiger Reserve, the seasonal nullah (stream), a stretch of teak, rugged hillocks.... Read More

Bori Safari Lodge

It’s location on the less frequented side of the Satpura National Park away from touristy hotels is what gives the Bori Safari Lodge its exclusivity. The rarity of the location can be seen in the sheer rawness of the unexplored forest with a strategic advantage.... Read More

Jehan Numa Palace

Bhopal is the perfect base to explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Sanchi and Bhimbetka caves located only an hour’s drive away. And while there are luxurious stays in Bhopal, none other is better than the Jehan Numa Palace, steeped in the history and heritage.... Read More

Jehan Numa Retreat

Located in the outskirts of Bhopal, the Jehan Numa Retreat ticks all the right boxes of a quiet retreat getaway. Spread across 12.5 acres on the fringes of the Van Vihar Urban National Park, the atmosphere here is tranquil and serene. With only 28 luxury.... Read More

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