Al Nahda Resorts

About Us

Al Nahda Hotels & Resorts is a collection of upscale and luxury hotels in the Sultanate of Oman offering sophisticated, elegant, and bespoke experiences. Oman is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity and is one of the best countries in the Middle East to immerse yourself in authentic Arabian culture. Oman’s 1600km long coastline is perfect for sun-worshippers, its soaring dunes are filled with adventure, and its rugged mountains with stunning rock formations, interspersed with placid wadis (crystal clear pools) are a sight to behold.

The Al Nahda Hotels & Resorts has three properties across Oman – Al Nahda Resort & Spa, located about 60 km from Muscat, is set within 30 acres of greenery featuring 109 rooms (some of the largest in Oman). Dunes by Al Nahda, located in South Batinah is surrounded by majestic dunes where luxurious tented rooms meet desert adventure. The group’s third property Sahab Resort & Spa is built on the canyon edge of the beautiful Al Hajar Mountain located on the Saiq Plateau of the Green Mountains of Oman.

Al Nahda Resort & Spa

Set in the coastal city of Barka, bordered by the Sea of Oman and the Hajar Mountains in southern Batinah, the award-winning Al Nahda Resort & Spa is a sprawling thirty-acre oasis of gardens and vast green spaces that lies amidst a bygone mango orchard..... Read More

Sahab Resort & Spa

Nestled on the south-eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman emerges as a hidden gem, inviting travellers to explore its captivating blend of ancient traditions, rugged landscapes, and modern luxury. Nestled amid the breathtaking Saiq Plateau of the Green Mountains of Oman, Sahab Resort &.... Read More

Dunes by Al Nahda

Oman, with its diverse landscapes, offers a unique and captivating experience for travelers seeking a blend of luxury and natural beauty. Tucked away at the edge of the Hajar Mountains, the Wadi Al Abayad which roughly translates to ‘white sands’ in Arabic, is an oasis.... Read More

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