Sunderban Tiger Camp

Sunderban Tiger Camp has been a pioneer in sustainable wildlife tourism in the Sundarban National Park – the largest estuarine mangrove forest in the world. It is the first government-approved jungle resort in the Sundarbans which is also TOFT certified for quality.

The eco-friendly camp, in its endeavour for sustainable and well-managed tourism, is extremely sensitive to the island’s delicate ecology. Self-sufficient with solar energy and rainwater harvesting capabilities, the 21 well-appointed rooms cater to hot water 24-hours a day and feature décor that’s rooted in the region and locally sourced. The uniquely designed property incorporates the natural beauty of the surroundings and allows the traveller to immerse in the region’s local traditions. The camp’s restaurant, The Fisherman’s Wharf, serves local and international cuisine (on request), featuring locally sourced ingredients as far as possible.

The camp offers customised wildlife experiences to explore the Sundarban National Park, the last home of the swamp tigers, including private boat safaris that take you island hopping for sightings from the numerous watch towers that dot the region. Other experiences include birdwatching, tribal village walks, and honey collection tours with traditional honey hunters.