Samode Safari Lodge

Located on the edge of the Bandhavgarh National Park, surrounded by the majestic Sal trees, the Samode Safari Lodge offers authentic safari experiences encased in unrivaled comfort and luxury. Its 12 independent cottages, inspired by local homes exude elegance with vibrant Gond artwork, breezy outdoor decks, and luxurious open-air baths. Extraordinary experiences at the lodge include bespoke safaris with expert guides and early morning jogs along village trails surrounding a breathtaking natural setting.

The exclusivity of Samode Safari Lodge lies in its location. The lodge delivers complete luxury and exclusivity as it lies on the southern fringe of the national park. The park has three ranges that form the core zone, namely Tala, Magadhi, and Khitauli, and 3 buffer zones. The Tala range is the richest in terms of biodiversity and is only about 10 kilometers from the lodge. The close proximity to the core zone offers exhilarating safaris that start from the gates of the camp without a trail of other safari jeeps in the company of highly knowledgeable naturalists and skilled trackers.


Samode Safari Lodge is located four hours from Jabalpur and five hours from Khajuraho (both destinations have airports with domestic connectivity)

Things to know

  • All guests at the Samode Safari Lodge stay on a Jungle Plan (all-inclusive plan.
  • Bandhavgarh experiences climatic fluctuations. The best time to visit is October to February (early mornings and evenings can get quite cold). March and April are moderately warm days and chilly evenings. May and June can be intensely hot and slightly humid.
  • It gets extremely cold during early mornings especially on game drives during the months of late November to February and warm jackets are essential at this time. Warm caps and gloves are also recommended.
  • The lodge is open from the 1st of October until the 15th of June
  • All rooms are air-conditioned.
  • Perfect for most travelers from wildlife enthusiasts to young couples and families with children. The lodge accepts children of all ages.
  • Do not miss sundowner drinks and curated bush dinners.

Rooms & Suites

The lodge’s wood-and-mud dwellings with traditional courtyards take inspiration from the surrounding landscape and villages. The luxurious villas and the lodge premises at the Samode Safari Lodge are beautifully transformed by the tribal communities and local artisans who bring the essence of the forest into their craft. The painted frescoes and metal artifacts are a depiction of the landscape, birds, and animals around which gives a rich character to the rooms and exposes guests to the art and culture of the tribal communities. All 12 villas face east come and with every possible comfort and luxurious amenities. The villas feature graceful living areas, open-air baths, and private verandas.

Restaurants & Bars

A lot of the produce is locally sourced from nearby villages and some of it harvested from the in-house organic garden. Lunch is usually a traditional Indian meal from different parts of the country each day served at the common dining area. Over a bonfire, guests swap stories while they sip on sundowners, reflect on their day in the bush and discuss the next day’s tracking and safari plans. Dinners are elaborate with unique al-fresco locations each evening.

Spa & Wellness

The lodge has a gymnasium and steam room as well as a sumptuous spa offering rejuvenating therapies perfect for relaxing after a long and hot day in the bush.


The signature experiences include sunrise and afternoon safari. Breakfast is usually served in designated places in the jungle while on the safari. The well-designed safari jeeps convert into tables for a wonderful breakfast spread. Besides exploring the wilderness, excursions to ancient temples and Bandhavgarh forts can be arranged. Walking and bicycle tours and visits to the nearby villages can also be arranged.

Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

Samode Safari Lodge is strongly committed to responsible and eco-tourism. Samode supports the local community and employs about 95% of the staff from the surrounding villages. It also has set up a charitable trust that helps improve the living standards and supports education and infrastructure in the local villages.