Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge

Evolve Back’s brand philosophy of ‘spirit of the land’ comes alive in Kabini where guests are drawn into the vibrant social tapestry of the local Kadu Kuruba tribe. Kabini is also a wonderful wildlife destination and can be accessed by safari vehicles, boat trips along the riverfront for a unique perspective, guided nature walks, and night trails. The Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge, spread across 15 acres is bordered by the Kabini river offers spectacular sweeping views of the River Kabini. The resort design is inspired by the Hadis or tribal villages featuring mud walls and thatched roofs that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape.

The three different kinds of villas offer luxurious living spaces with private pools or water jet pools and feature a unique Star Bed to explore Kabini’s glorious night skies. The interiors celebrate the land with its ethnic furniture, tribal patterned furnishings and bottle gourd lampshades. The resort has two restaurants; the Honeycomb serves sumptuous buffets while the Kuruba Grill features a tasting menu of authentic local dishes. The resort has two pools, a scenic reading lounge and an Ayurvedic centre offering rejuvenating massages. For the wildlife inclined, Kabini is probably one of the best places in India to view Asian elephants in their natural habitat. There are safaris that go out into the Nagarhole and Bandipur National Parks either on jeeps or boats.


Kabini is located at the fringe of two Tiger Reserves – Bandipur and Nagarhole in the South Indian state of Karnataka and is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (a UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve & World Heritage Site).

Things to know

  • The nearest airports are Bangalore (273 km), Mysore (90 km) and Kozhikode or Calicut (180 km).
  • Evolve Back Kabini has introduced 50-minute helicopter transfers from Bangalore – Kabini – Bangalore.
  • Kabini in Karnataka is flanked by two Tiger Reserves – Bandipur and Nagarhole, and premier wildlife destinations in India and also one of the richest tiger forests in the world. It also plays host to one of the largest congregations of Asiatic elephants on the banks of River Kabini. The summer months (April/May) are particularly rewarding in terms of viewing.
  • The Wildlife safaris are one of the many key highlights at the Evolve Back, Kabini. They conduct wildlife safaris through Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd which is the Government mandated system in the state of Karnataka. Two types of safaris – Boat and Vehicle, are offered in the mornings and evenings. It is best to book safari experiences beforehand due to limited seats.
  • The resort has specially designed room for differently-abled guests and also offer a special discount and complimentary in-room dining.
  • Temperature control in the pools housed in the cottages is deactivated during the summer months (Apr-May)
  • Evolve Back offers specially designed itineraries combining two or all the Evolve Back resorts.
  • Other facilities and experiences include complimentary Wi-Fi in the rooms and common areas, a reading lounge, an Ayurveda spa, and two large outdoor pools.
  • Children are welcome; an Activity Centre with a host of games and activities that are specially curated for them. They also have a kids-friendly Family Pool reserved only for families with children.


Rooms & Suites

The Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge is spread across 15 acres and offers sweeping views of the River Kabini. The resort design is inspired by the Hadis or tribal villages featuring mud walls and thatched roofs that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. The traditional huts married to modern luxuries are divided into three categories: Pool Reserve, Pool Hut, and Safari Hut. The Pool Reserve are charming cottage with large living and dining spaces, lavishly appointed bedrooms, and an indulgent bathroom. The large courtyard opens out to an ozonized and temperature-controlled private pool and a deck. This category also has a star bed with gorgeous views of the river. Much like the Pool Reserve, the Pool huts have similar amenities although much smaller in size, and a non-heated private pool. The base-level Safari huts are perfect for couples and house a shallow water-jet pool in the courtyard.

Restaurants & Bars

The resort offers two restaurants with soothing river views. The ‘Honeycomb’ is a fine dining restaurant named after the local Jenu Kuruba (honey collectors) tribes that serves sumptuous buffets and the best of International and regional cuisine. The ‘Kuruba Grill’ is a specialty restaurant dedicated to grills and kebabs that also offer a tasting menu of authentic local dishes. The resort offers a plethora of bespoke dining experiences to celebrate special occasions at various locations: intimate dining by the river, and candle-lit cruise on the river Kabini.

Spa & Wellness

The hotel has a spa known as Vaidyashala which offers Ayurvedic healing and rejuvenating therapies in its two large treatment rooms. The hotel also houses an infinity pool at the lake’s edge, one of the best places to catch glorious sunsets. A second communal pool with child-safe zones is ideal for families.



At Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge, Kabini, experiences are as unique as the location and the culture of the locals. The wildlife at Kabini is definitely the star attraction and there’s so much on offer. The Interpretation Centre at Kabini showcases and communicates both the stunning biodiversity and the culture of the region. For wildlife sightings on the extensive Kabini river bank guests can opt for the boat safari, and for a jungle safari deep into the Nagarhole forest vehicles safari can be pre-booked. If guests want to discover nature around the property naturalist-led walks are on offer, and nocturnal nature lovers can opt for the adventurous Night Trails. Evening activities at the resort include documentaries on wildlife as well as Kuruba tribal dance performances around a blazing campfire.  There is also a sundowner deck overlooking the Kabini river where guests retreat and relax with delicious cocktails after a day in the wild.

Sustainability and Responsible Tourism

Evolve Back’s business model is built around the concept of ‘Responsible Tourism’ and the belief in employing the best environmental and ecological practices in technology, equipment, and operational processes. The Evolve Back properties are built to leave the smallest ecological footprint and operate on a ‘high value – low volume’ model, providing authentic local experiences to guests while engaging extensively with the local community.

Evolve Back Luxury Resorts ensures meaningful and lasting benefits for the natural environment and communities that surround its operations. The group’s mission is to provide exquisite holiday experiences while preserving the purity of nature and the culture of the land. This philosophy is enshrined in their tagline ‘Spirit of the land’.

At the property, only local species of trees and plants are planted on the premises so that forest fauna is not endangered. The usage of lights is optimized to minimize disturbance to nocturnal wildlife. Evolve Back also lends financial assistance to the anti-poaching camp at Nagarhole National Park run by the Karnataka Forest Department.